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This is in no way an exhaustive list.


DIY Festivals can be about anything.


If you could have a DIY Festival of anything at all, what would you design? 

Geek festival

Whether you are into Star Wars or Buffy or Dungeons and Dragons or Twin Peaks or Harry Potter, whatevs - gather your fellow fanfolk to celebrate why those alternative worlds mean so much to us. 

Design your own

DIY Festival

What kind of festival should you have? Whatever kind you want. Here's some ideas to get you started. 

Literary festival

Make it as broad or as specialised as you like. Hold a Bookstacking Festival where everyone brings the ten books that made them who they are, or maybe something way more niche, like a Historical Crime Fiction festival, or Spec Fiction or political memoir. Go where you are curious. 

Rowdy broadway Festival

This one is inspired by Marie's Crisis in New York City. Communal singing is one of the best ever things for mental health. There's research and everything. 


For this one you pick a musical and sing the whole thing in a group. One day I'd love to do Chicago or maybe a Sondheim. Actually, I reckon The Sound of Music might be the best place to start. 

Talk fest

For the philosophers out there. Choose a focus and get talking. Have an opening and closing address. People can give TEDish style talks or tell stories like on The Moth or Storyclub. You could have panel discussions or a debate. You could pitch each other ideas and maybe critique them. Respectfully and generously. A DIY talk fest isn't about argy-bargy. It's for talking and thinking and being open. 

Film festival

Pick a genre - the buddy film, the Western, screwball comedy, zombie film, fantasy ... or a series, like James Bond or Bridget Jones. Pick an auteur like Hitchcock or Truffaut or Jane Campion or the Coen Brothers - immerse yourselves in everything they made. Pick a topic - friendship, murder, education - explore the best that celluloid has to offer. 


Channel Margaret and David or Bill Collins. Have erudite or not especially erudite reviews after each screening. Eat popcorn and choctops. If the weather's good, set up a moonlight cinema in your backyard. Let your eyes go happily square. 

food festival

One for the foodies. Host a locavore long lunch where everyone brings something they've made from what they've grown. Swap your best recipes. Do a bake-off. Have a mystery box cooking comp. Have a Festival celebrating a special hero ingredient or dishes that can be cooked in less than 30 minutes. Have a Festival of foraging or raw food or chocolate or home brew.


Cook, eat and be merry. 

special subject festival

What's your obsession or passion or all-consuming enthusiasm? Gardening? Ukulele? Family history? The Delta Blues? Eastern philosophy?

Or what's a skill or quality or idea you'd like to delve into? Bravery? Turning 50? Swing dancing? 

Have a think. If you've got an idea and you've got some like-minded people around you, that's all you need. Here's your big chance to go deep and wide. 

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