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ta muchly

an Australian festival of thanksgiving

Life can feel really hard but there's a lot to be thankful for. I've always envied Americans this holiday, 

Julie and manda's DIY Wedding in the Blue Mountains 

Our wedding is going to be a DIY festival, which means that we are all making this happen together. There's no caterers or decorators or the like. It's a down-home pitch-in kind of thing where everyone has a role to play in making our biggish day work.


We don't want wedding presents as such, but we would love for you to give us the wedding itself. We can't think of a better way to make the day special.


Hope you've found your double denim outfit and you've booked your digs for our wedding party at Timberline on December 2. 


Meanwhile, here on we'll be communicating with you about stuff you need to know and changes to plans that might need to happen - mostly for the weather, but sometimes, probably, because we've just remembered something we forgot to tell you. 


Right now, here's the plan so far...

Hey there, friends and family


step 1 - what to bring

We need everyone to bring their own gear to eat off and drink from. Nothing precious, mind. 

Time to scrounge around in the back of the cupboard or nip up to Vinnies.


For each person in your party, as it were, bring a plate, and a fork and a jam jar or two. 



Only bring stuff

you don't mind leaving behind


It's all hands on deck to make a DIY festival wedding, but it's a simple enough four-step process. Here's how it works. 

Come on up and celebrate with us


get together the things you need to bring


volunteer for something


Don't buy us a pressie - chip in for the party



If you haven't already, please let us know you are coming. We are headed to the UK on Wednesday 18 October and we really need to know numbers. Ta. 


stuff we want to remind you about


You can come right down the driveway. There will be guests, but spaces for three other cars


It can do anything up here and there's every chance it will. Best bring sunscreen, scarves, woolly hats and jumpers, and wet weather gear. If there's drizzle, or horizontal rain, or bushfires we have plans B, C and D, but we'll let you know as needed. 


what to bring

Something you'd like to drink. Good for dancing on gravel and handy if you encounter a snake. 
















and potentially



the plan for the big day

This has been a particularly even-more-than-usually crazy year for us. And then, the run-up to our wedding got even busier at the eleventh hour when we decided to buy a new property and sell Twice Lucky and Timberline to fund it before we get married and go to the UK. You have to carpe your diem and all, but it can make things very tricky. 


So, a big thank you to all the brilliant Blackheath folk - and a few fab souls from the big smoke who've been licking the house into shape for sale and for the big day, and putting their more-than-capable hands up for loads of things that need to be done.  A special big thanks to Bec who is officially IN CHARGE. 


And thanks to you all for coming along to celebrate with us in December. We look forward to sharing this big day with you all. It's going to be lovely.

Thank you 

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